Ivan – a big wanderer

What does it mean and how it happened …

Once upon a time, as the picture below was still present, Ivan and Alex said that it would not be wrong to look a little into the world. They called it the “Great Vandrer” and in fact, they thought they would take the caravan from there then socialist camp.

Life wanted it differently, the studies, the work, the families came, and finally the death of the camp. The big wanderer lost some charm, but Ivan did not see it and took the caravan. A few years after opening the border, he moved to Australia, where he lives today. He and Alex saw only a few times, during Ivan’s occasional visits to the Czech Republic. At the last of these visits in May 2009, they jointly rejected Alex’s idea of going to the USA or Canada, and Alex eventually agreed to visit Australia.

Travelling to Paris
Travelling to Paris

It was agreed that the visit will take place in March 2010 and will cover travel to Central Australia and its east coast. As a means of transport, a car with a caravan, which Ivan built in his spare time, was chosen and in which he travels with his family and friends. Ivan calls it a paved caravan, and although it really does not look great from the outside, there is everything in it that is needed for such a wild venture, and the men of saving figures are quite sufficient.

Alex has acquired an Australian visa, a matter of a few clicks in the web browser, a ticket, which can also be handled during the evening, and finally, the promise of a four-week holiday in the job, which was over-expected (thanks, boys!). And then there was nothing left to wait for.

The following records were taken by Ivan during the trip, and Alex occasionally supplemented them with dry fact notes. For the order, the contributions of both travellers are distinguished by the font, but even a less attentive reader would certainly recognise the flowery style of Ivan from the austere Alex.

The Places they travelled together;

Prague – Melbourne
Melbourne – Adelaide – Glendambo
Coober Peddy
Kings Canyon-Kathleen Springs-Henbury Craters
Devil’s Marbles
Tennant Creek – Mount Isa
Mount Isa
Hervey Bay
Fraser Island
Australia ZOO
Byron Bay
Blue Mountains
Snowy Mountains
Eden – Mallacoota
Bear Gully
Walkerville – Melbourne
Mount Dandenong
Cathedral Range State Park
Phillip Island
Melbourne – Praha

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